Self heal soap


An uplifting and cleansing self heal cold pressed soap

100g bar

Palm oil free

Vegan friendly

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Self heal is known for it’s ability to promote healthy skin and tissue repair.

Olive oil is well suited to cleansing sensitive skin and the shea butter has nourishing properties with a high fat content that remains in the finished soap making it moisture rich.

Castor oil creates a rich lather and boosts bubbles.

The lemongrass essential oil is skin cleansing whilst the grapefruit essential oil is uplifting and energising.


  • self heal infused olive oil
  • distilled water
  • lye
  • shea butter
  • castor oil
  • lemongrass & grapefruit essential oils

My self heal soap is made from 100% natural ingredients, no palm oil, additives or preservatives are used at all!

All of the plants used to make my soaps are carefully hand picked by me so that only the very best are included.  The plants are harvested locally and sustainably to ensure that they’re around next year so you can have more wonderful hand made herbal products.

Please note that as I spend much of my time in the woods I only get access to a computer every few days; consequently your order might take a few days to get to you.  Thanks for your understanding!

If you want to learn how to make your own cold pressed soaps, why not join me on a soap making workshop?


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