hand made cold pressed soaps & shampoo bars, hand & body butters

About made by hand herbals

I’ve always loved the British countryside and have been foraging for wild foods for many years now and have a built up a good knowledge of native British trees and plants.

My interest in traditional herbal preparations started with me making ointments for myself and my partner.  We run a bushcraft company and consequently spend much of our time outdoors.  We’re often getting bit & stung but neither of us wanted to put DEET on our bodies.  So I did a little research to find out if any of the many native wild plants we find in our ancient woodland and surrounding hedgerows and fields would help.  From this initial research I made some plantain ointment.  And it really worked, so I made some more.

We also get the odd cut so I made yarrow ointment, and that worked as well!

Then friends and family started to ask for the ointments, followed by creams.  Then customers on our bushcraft courses started to ask for some and so I made some for them.    And it’s spiralled from there.

I hope you like my herbal products as much as they all do!

I make my herbal products using plants that are native to the British Isles.  I collect them all myself so that I know what’s picked and can ensure that it’s done sustainably.  The bee’s wax I use is sourced from a charity working with refugees.

I’ve worked as a nurse for 30 years and more recently completed a Diploma in Herbal Medicine, recieving a distinction.