St John’s Wort ointment


15mg of St John’s Wort ointment, traditionally used for back aches & sciatica, sunburn, shingles rash


St John’s Wort (Hypericum perforatum) is a name that is often applied to all members of the genus Hypericum.  Here I confine myself to common, or perforated, St John’s Wort.  I find it growing freely in south facing hedgerows all around the Kent countryside.  It’s a tall, thin plant with bright, 5 petalled yellow flowers; interestingly the flowers make a vivid red oil when infused.

St John’s Wort ointment has traditionally been used for back aches & sciatica, sunburn and shingles rash.


  • Handmade herbal ointment
  • 15ml aluminium pot
  • Made with hand picked plants infused in olive oil and locally sourced bee’s wax
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • External use only
  • Add to your herbal first aid kit


  • St John’s Wort infused olive oil
  • Bee’s wax

Made from 100% natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives are used at all!



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