Lemon balm ointment


15mg lemon balm ointment, traditionally used for insect bites, cuts & scrapes, cold sores, chicken pox & shingles


Lemon balm (Mellisa officinalis) is from the same family as mint (Lamiaceae) and has the typical square stem of that family.  It isn’t native to the British Isles but grows well in a few places that I visit.  It has a very pleasant lemony smell, giving rise to its name.  It can be found growing in sunny spots, often preferring well drained soil.

Lemon balm has a long history of use for cold sores, cuts & scrapes as well as chicken pox & shingles in southern Europe  and the Mediterranean, from where it originates.  It is a highly sought after essential oil, often called Mellisa.


  • Handmade herbal ointment
  • 15ml aluminium pot
  • Made with hand picked plants infused in olive oil and locally sourced bee’s wax
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • External use only
  • Add to your herbal first aid kit


  • Lemon balm infused olive oil
  • Bee’s wax

Made from 100% natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives are used at all!


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