Dandelion hand cream


A lightly blended mixture of dandelion flower infused olive oil and shea butter with a hint of bergamot to give a wonderful hand cream that’s great for dry, cracked skin

Vegan friendly



I originally created this dandelion hand cream with myself in mind to help with cracked and sore hands from being outside in the cold. Dandelion has a long tradition of being used for skin problems and together with shea butter makes this cream super moisturising.

Dandelions are rich in nutrients and when applied topically help to maintain healthy skin, improve the tone and texture of your skin and retain your skin’s natural moisture.

The shea butter has nourishing properties and has a high fat content giving it a rich texture.

I’ve added a little bergamot essential oil as it improves your skin’s tone and reduces the appearance of scars.

The ingredients are lightly blended to ensure that the cream sinks into the skin.

All together the ingredients make a wonderful hand cream that’s great for dry, cracked skin.


  • Natural, hand made product
  • 50ml aluminium pot
  • Made with hand picked plants infused in olive oil
  • Vegan friendly
  • Suitable for both adults and children
  • External use only
  • Add to your herbal first aid kit


  • Dandelion infused olive oil
  • Shea butter
  • Bergamot essential oil

Made from 100% natural ingredients, no additives or preservatives are used at all!


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